The Band

We are a 4-piece rock band playing mainly in London and its suburban areas during week-days evenings and weekends.

We are proud to present our first album "Rock and Roll and Nothing Else", which includes 12-tracks of pure rock produced by Steve Honest and mastered by John Webber, from London Air Studios. Our second release is called "Six".

Please check our Calendar to keep up with gigs and concerts in London, around the UK and The Continent. We look forward to seeing you there!

band members
image of band members

Neil is not just the lead singer - he is an inspirational lyricist and can make a song out of pretty much anything.

The man who never played an upstroke in his life. Phil lives and breathes music - but only good music of course - rock, punk rock and more rock. 


Behind every great band lies an even greater drummer. Lincoln is rhythmically beating the hell out of his kit as Hadrian's backbone.


 Whilst other band members perform their aerobic exercises on stage, Joe is just too busy creating fabulous bass lines and looking cool.